Aeration Equipments

The use of the word "light" in food production is no longer a short-lived trend but has meanwhile become an firm element of product and marketing strategy. The consumer-oriented production of light food products has become established in recent years. Economic processing of these food products - that is one of the corporate objectives of NEOWIN. The procedures and mixers developed by the company can be used to aerate, foam and mix practically all baked products, dairy products and confectionery. The well matured technology produces outstanding results when it comes to product quality and profit figures. Advantages of high efficient foaming equipment NEOWIN-MIXER are obviously as follows

  1. Cost Reduction: 15%~35% less weight of ingredients, saved energy result in cost reduction and noticeable profit increase.
  2. Improved Mouth Feel: Abundant foam makes food more light, airy and attractive.
  3. Leavening agent is not needed any longer: Instead of traditional chemical process, NEOWIN-MIXER foaming is a process of physical air injection, leavening agent is not needed any longer.
  4. Automatic system: PLC controlled automatic pump, gas injection, temperature and rotor speed control, allowing constant product quality.
  5. Promoting innovation: The foam production produced with NEOWIN-MIXER can be further processed. An increase in flexibility for production changes and innovations
  6. Precise and reliable: Aeration/Overrun rate can be from 5% to 500% adjustable, aeration/overrun speed is adjustable according to production line.

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