Applications in Printing and Dyeing Industry
  What is Neovi-foam
  Neovi-foam for finishing/dyeing/coating system
  foam mixing
  treatments examples
  Neowin¨s unique foam application concept
   Recipe conversion
   Review of foam
  Neowin¨s unique foam application concept
   Neovi-Foam Service
  Low to Medium Technology
  Cost accounting
  • A new textile treatment method
  • A patent of Neowin company
  • A trade mark of Neowin
  • A new textile treatment concept, using controlled foam pressurize into or onto fabrics
  • Remarkable energy saving(above 40%) to replace conventional methods, very low pick up
  • Can apply finishing chemicals to single side or double side using different chemicals , give unique fabric effects
  • To replace traditional coating methods, give special coating effects
  • To replace traditional padding methods to solve various dyeing problems
  • To improve traditional printing process for better quality

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