NEOWIN FOAM TECHNOLOGY is the first domestic company that dedicates in develop, produce and sale of mix and aerate equipments. The products of the company have been developed for the continuous foaming and mixing of high to low viscous media for a wide array of applications in the food and non-food industries. The foam equipments have been highlypraised in dyeing and printing field. Extending their applications to every possible industry is our objective. We are capable of manufacturing the specific machine as the request of customer, designed capacities could meet the small to large scale productions. The automatic, low energy-cost and priced NEOWIN mixers are your best choices for mixing and aerating with a surely high profit figure. We would like to help you with more competitive advantages and values by our special knowledge and years of experience.

NEOWIN-MIXER are continuous foam generator and mixer of high to low viscous media, the pumpable foods are overrun with sterile air, nitrogen or other suitable purified gases to form well-proportioned foam, saving raw material as well as improving quality. The NEOWIN-MIXER is designed for food production and refinement, for example, in the production of milk, cheese, dessert, mousse, whipped cream, dairy, baked and confectionery products. Our range includes mixers/blenders with capacities from 5 to 7,000 kg per hour. Mixers are constructed to meet the specific needs of the client/product. NEOWIN will provide you new processing concept with noticeable reduction in ingredients, flexibility for production changes and innovations

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